identify Burnt chip

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can anyone identify this for me please

burnt chip cant identify properly3.78 MB

Hi DAMDave,

Could you provide the P/N for the burnt chip?
And also which distributor you bought it from?
Thank you!

the chip is on board out of a breezair aircon control box the only info i can find is in the picture
it is a power integration chip ac/dc converter numbers visable are tny26 & 739991

burnt chip tny263.78 MB

Hi DAMDave,

Thank you for considering PI's products.
Since there is only a photo of the burnt device, it is really hard to determine the failure mechanism.
Do you have any more information on the failure unit? Such as the schematic, layout, the failure condition, is the failure reproducible, besides the TNY26 device is there any other component failure?
It would be very helpful if more information is provided to better determine what lead to the failure.
Thank you!