Issues with TOP247YN

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Hello PI Team,

We are having costly warranty issues with power boards that use this component TOP247YN. The symptom from the user perspective is that the power supply just stops turning on, when used at 200V. This failure is happening during the early life of the system. Recently, we received 7 power boards, and we were able to troubleshoot the issue of this component being shorted/burned up. We need your help with understanding what is happening. In our lab, we have not being able to replicate this failure even when applying 300V to the system. Could I mail the parts to you for FA?

I am new to the forum, I don't want to load a schematics without knowing the privacy policy. Schematics would contain proprietary information. If needed, how could I safely provide this information to you?


Hi Catherine,

Since it has proprietary information, I suggest you to contact PI local sales, they will assign FAE for failure analysis . Please let me know your company name for reference.


Are you buying parts that may not be true power integrations parts? or is the transfomer sometimes high leakage causing snubber heating and chip failure ...?