Bias Winding In Flyback Transformer

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Can you please tell me,What is the difference between Bias Winding and normal Secondary winding in Flyback Transformer?

 I am using Optocoupler feedback for flyback converter, and the supply for optocoupler i am taking  from one of the secondary winding , not from the Bias winding.


May be for this reason my output is not coming, but the required bias winding voltage is coming perfectly.


please help in this matter

Could you please post your schematic. Then we can talk about windings taking your schematic as a reference. This will improve the communication channel.



I have attached the schematic of my circuit .

Winding 6,7 is bias winding ,but i have taken the feedback supply from winding 13,14.

Is this the problem for ouput voltage,coming half of required voltage?

Is not a problem if you have enought bias voltage to keep the optocoupler in the linear region. The voltage of the bias winding  should be not lower that the voltage required to keep the optocoupler in the linear region plus the voltage of the control pin (about 6 volts).  so if your if your bias voltage is no lower than 10 voltas and not larger than  the brake down voltage you should not have any issiw with this voltage.



If you want to answer then watch the video in the link.