for 36V 1.5a to 2.5a -

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1. May I use LNK6666E for 36v amp rating 1.5 to 2.5 ? because in data sheet tells LNK6666E is 60watts purpose.
if yes, pls share the diagram for that.

If No.
May I use LNK6668E FOR 36v amp rating 1.5 to 2.5 >

What is the input voltage range?
Will it be an adapter or open frame design?
Does it have any forced air cooling or natural convection?

Input is : 230V
for Adaptor purpose especially for RO
Natural Convection


Based on your input, I assume that it is high line only design.

If you have space constraints I would suggest you to use LNK6XX7E device.

We do not have any design that is readily available which meets your requirement.

Please take a look at following reference design for your understanding.

If you need help with the design please contact one of our field office in your geographical location. Here is the link for our filed offices.