e-packge how will mount the heat sink

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Dear Sir, Please tell how will mount the heat sink external for e –spice package for top switch part no TOP261EN because there is no hole or drill to hold it. Our design Output power is nearly 160W, so we must use large heat sink. Please give the suggestion in this issue. With Regards Sathiyan.D Design Engineer Invent Solutions Private Limited India
hello mr sathiyan, Specialty of E package is this that no drill hole or any other thing is required to mount the heat sink. A metal clip can hold the E package IC and this makes it very simple. Query & information about this clip could be better given by mr. checkov or PI team.
The esip package can be mounted onto a heatsink using plastic or metal clips or straps. Please see the following link for specific information on manufacturers who make these items specially for the eSip package. http://www.powerint.com/node/2893