EFD Cores

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I have PI Expert 7.1 and can't get any of the EFD cores to be used. They show up in the library, but doesn't let me use them in the design and I have to use this type because of height restrictions. Any recommendations or work arounds ?

EFD cores in the software have been defaulted to be used with DPASwitch (high frequency applications). To use for low frequency applications, duplicate the core in the custom cores list and be sure to
a) NOT check the "High frequency transformer" checkbox
b) Include this new core in the custom component list that you will specify for the software to use or make sure that the "All records" list is selected before optimization.

Watch these 2 videos for better understanding of what I am trying to say...

1) Adding a Custom Transformer into the Component Library
2) How to Design with Your Own Custom Component Lists

Thanks for the info. I had previously done that, but I failed to not check the high frequency block. It now works fine.