Flicker Problem -LYT4228 migration in RDR-290

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I have replaced Lnk by Lyt with ETD29 design 1.7A current 24-48V. It works properly with open enclosure. and After placing in close enclosure after 15minutes it shutdown. the current and voltage are in the range. 1.65A current adn Voltage 40.9V.

In above said prototype, after 15 to 20 minutes circuit shutdown , remains 15 to 20 seconds off then again it starts and again it shutdown for 15 to 20 seconds what will be the issue??

Please provide feedback for this problem. Which protection fires can not undertand ?

Temp. of LYT4228 IC is 57 C . 

I am using 42V Led Load.

Please provide the solution. I have developed PCBs and also purchased the BOM and LYT4 also in bulk.