Dubious TNY179PN

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I bought a TNY179PN from an eBay seller to fix a BlueRay player. Original failure was that when TNY179PN got warm, the PSU ceased to work. If unplugging and plugging again, the set could work again for less than a minute before failing the same way.

After replacing it, the problem changes. It works fine but when the disc has to start to spin, the PSU drops voltages for an instant and the whole system resets.

I’ve compared original IC and replacement and I can detect subtle differences in tipography. I attach pictures of original and the "new" one. Can you see anything suspicious? Could it be fake or remarked? The IC says "Thailand" in the circle underneath, while other TNY... I have all them say "Malaysia" or "China".

I also attach a picture I found in the net with a bunch of TNY179PN that are blatantly fake or remarked. I guess they buy TNY174PN and they remark them as 178, 179, 180.

Thanks for your attention

Original IC329.26 KB
IC bought from eBay seller356.57 KB
Counterfeited TNY179PN213.05 KB

Can I replace it with a TNY279PN safely? In general, can I place a TNY27xPN where there is a TNY17xPN ? Thanks.

Hi Chungalin,


In general, the TNY27xPN can be a drop-in replacement for the TNY17xPN.  So, in your case, the TNY279PN is indeed a safe replacement for the TNY179PN.