innoswitch - isolation distances

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Could I get an information about the physical distance between the primary and secondary circuit inside the INNOSWITCH family.
This information is necessary for the assessment of explosion safety of the devices we design.

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Hi ZSzczucki,

For the InnoSwitch eSOP-R16B package, the creepage distance between primary to secondary domains is 9.7mm min. For the InnoSwitch3 inSOP-24D package, the creepage distance is 11.5mm min.


The OP asked for inside the device, Ex ia calls for at least 1mm internal separation - I very much doubt the innoswitch has that....

OP could buy one and take apart to measure...

Hi Easy Peasy,

Thanks for clarifying.

Internal package construction details are proprietary, but perhaps it would help to know that the DTI (distance through insulation) for the InnoSwitch is >0.40mm, and a high-grade, high-voltage insulating mold compound is used (i.e. voltage breakdown > 18,000V/mm). As such, the isolation voltage is >4000Vac per the datasheet.