DC DC boost converter 300W

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Hello dear Powerint engineers,

I need make a DC-DC boost converter for solar energy.
input 70Vdc (from solar panels)
output 300Vdc (to my inverter)
output power 300W

I think to assemble the reference design DER-394 and use as DC-DC.
What HiperPFS family do you advice me? PFS7529H it ok?
I see it is for PFC. Is it work like DC-DC converter?

Hi integraltec,

Thank you for your interest in using Power Integrations part.
Regarding your question, yes it will work with DC input. In terms of using the solar panel, Hiper PFS doesn't have MPPT intelligence to harness maximum power available on your solar panel. You can experiment but it will work to provide you 300V for your inverter.

Hi, I made the boost elevator from 150Vdc to 320Vdc with PFS7529 and I need support to limitate the maximum power, my inductor are burning and PFS are burning too because too much load. I thought the chip can limitate the power but it didn´t work. Could you give me your email to send my schematics? I wound´t show it here because my competitors can copy it. Maybe I should try another PFS series. What you can advise me?

Hi Integraltec,

Send it to Alexis.Penamora@power.com