Use of Double side PCB for the RDR399 12 W design

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Hello Experts,

We are in the process of evaluating the PI Tiny family 4 chips for our LED drivers.

For our power requirement ,we have decided to try the RDR399 Reference Design for a 12 W Power Supply Using TinySwitchTM-4 TNY288PG.


We have a bit of space constraint.

Can we use a double side PCB ?
Will there be any implications effecting the performance of the driver in the short or long run ??

Thanks in Advance !


Hi junaidahmed,

You can use double sided PCB but this may result to higher temperature of some critical components depends on how small the spacing is between them. The layout should also follow safety spacing in IC, transformer, etc. You can check the PCB layout recommendations in the datasheet as your guidelines.

Hello Zek,

Thanks so much for the response, we were looking exactly for this.

Great to know that PI has extensive documentation and support.