suitable driver for 1700V, 1200A IGBT

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Dear sir,

I'm looking for a 1700V ,1200A IGBT for a drive system application. The following switches are considered:


Among these IGBTs, I prefer the Infineon-FZ1200R17HE4P IGBT, because of its low switching losses. But, I can't find specific driver for Infineon-FZ1200R17HE4P in Power Integration's products.
Which driver do you propose for this IGBT? and if you don't have a suitable driver for the preferred IGBT, what is your suggestion for 1700V,1200 A IGBT and its driver?

After reading the specs of Power Integration's gate drivers, I came up with this idea to use the 1SP0635x2x1-FD1200R17KE3 for FZ1200R17HE4P. Does it lead to technical problems?

Hi danialveltman,

For IGBT driver questions, please contact (or

Thank you.