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Hi ,

We have designed 18W TRIAC DIMMABLE DRIVER using LYT7504.
Please find attached design files of it.
It is not working with dimmer (fan regulator) properly.
We tuned R2,C3, R1,R10 and C4 but now working properly with dimmer.

On line supply (230VAC) it is working fine.
But with dimmer it remains off in some range of it. Also it flickers.

Please suggest best solution.

Thanks & Regards,
Notion Electronics

NE10DDR_REV1.pdf117.13 KB


Thanks for choosing PI.

The LYT-7 family has been put to "not recommended for new design" tag. I suggest that you develop your project based on LYTSwitch-4.

If you still prefer LYT-7, you can improve the dimmer range by changing to a buck-boost design. I don't know what your output voltage is, but at higher output voltage, it is more prone to have longer dead travel in a buck configuration.