Designs won't use any other library than the default component library

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Hi, I just downloaded the 64 bit version of PI Expert version 10.1. I am trying to run a design using the LNK263DG part, and have got to the point when I have entered all the design parameters. If I run the design using the standard default component library, the tool gives me a design output. If I try to run the same design with an alternative data set, the optimisation process goes so far, and then aborts and jumps back to the design suite input screen. The data set was copied directly from the default component library without changes, and given a different name using the create button.

I would like to add a custom transformer bobbin and core to the design, but I cannot get an optimised output if I use anything other than the default component library.

Can you suggest anything I can try, or do I uninstall PI Expert 64 and re-install?

Hi phil-mcgonnel,

Thank you for choosing PI. To answer your question, I need more details from you, see below.

1. Please tell us more about environment
- What version of Windows OS you are using? 32-bit or 64-bit?
- What are the Regional Settings (diaplay language, regional format, decimal symbol, digit grouping symbol)?
- Was it upgrade of previous 9.x or 10.0 or new installation?
2. Please clarify part number - LNK263DG is not supported by the tool, was it LNK623DG?
3. Tell us little more about parameters of the design (VO/PO, VACMIN/VACMAX, number of outputs).
4. What was the error that appeared when you ran optimization with custom Component Set?
5. Could you please check your custom Component Set again by opening Component Set Selection window, selecting Set name in combo-box and scroll trough the components making sure that check box and word 'Use' is set next to each component in all groups (Transformers, Diodes, Zeners, etc.)