AC DC flyback converter with PFC

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I am working on ac dc flyback converter with PFC, my requirement is 115Vac as input and 18Vdc as output with PFC>0.95. I found one reference design on PI expert which is LNK series but there is no any PFC. So can you suggest me any reference design which contain both flyback converter as well as PFC IC.

Dear Vipulchopade.

Thank you very much for reaching out to us.
Without knowing your particular field of application I may not be able to address your exact needs but I would anyway suggest you take a look at the LYTSwitch-6 reference designs.
The LYTSwitch-6 series family IC is specifically designed and highly optimized for a flyback converter topology and it is often used in conjunction with either Single or Dual PFC stage.
The reference designs available cover a wide range of output or input specification. Hopefully, you'll find something which is close to your particular application.

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Hope this may help.

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PI-Star Lord