PiXls AC stacked output

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I have a problem with PiXls and HinnoSwitch3-CE. I'm designing a transformer with two outputs. I'm not able to change the outputs in ac-stack mode. The outputs are always in separate windings.

I tried to change the number of secondary pins, an error always occurs: "input is less than the minimum limit of 4"

How can I set Ac-stack outputs in PiXls? Attached there is the PiXls file if it is necessary.


Hi Matteo.

Thank you very much for reaching out to us.

PIXLS Designer has somehow limited functionality and what you are asking for is not yet available, unfortunately.

I would strongly suggest you to use PIExpert instead of PIXLS to design your application.
PIExpert offers all the flexibility you need and definitely allows you to set your outputs in AC-Stack configuration. in fact, it provides many more functionalities, like, interactive schematic, Bill Of Material, board layout recommendations, and above all, a friendly and easy to use interface.

I would also recommend you to use the online version of PIExpert as it is frequently updated and many new features are constantly added.

Hope this may help.

Best regards
PI- Star Lord