TOP 249YN to TOP 269YN

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We have an old design which use TOP249 YN, is it possible to use a TOP269EG with the same transformer ? ( we have many of them in stock on want to use them if possible).

I tried to simulate the current design on PI expert online tool (24V output, 1A output with 4A peak : it's intended to drive motors and when they force current can go up to 3A during a very few time).

I had to change R9 to 10K ohm instead of 15K because the output reached 50V instead of 24V intended.

I linked the output regulation and schematic thanks for your help.
Im not sure that the new design with the TOP269 even regulate properly because output just drop nearly lineary..

flyback100W.pdf40.36 KB
outputRegulation.png12.59 KB

As long as operating frequency (132 kHz) is same for both designs, you can use the same transformer. Since both packages are different, need new-layout. Please re-check the component values with pi-expert.