CC CV Battery Charging with Tinyswitch 4 - question about CC circuit implementation

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I have generated the circuit mentioned in the subject with an output of 250mA and then re-generated with an output of 500 mA. The component values in either circuit are the same, aside from the diode and the transformer.

Does this Tinyswitch 4 Flyback Circuit control the current in any way to be constant when charging the battery? Or is the generated circuit only a foundational circuit, which the designer then must use to implement their own constant current control?

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Hi PM,
Thank you for considering PI's product!
Yes, you are correct, for the circuit generated on PI Expert, it is the fundamental circuit for which the design will supply the designed output current.
Regarding the constant current(CC) for battery charging, it will require an additional circuit to control the Tiny switch for CC charging.
Otherwise, you can consider the Link switch family with CC control logic built inside.
Thank you!