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In PIXLs I want to add core of my own choice.
I am able to change core parameters e.g. Ae etc.
I also get transformer design as per new entries .
But I am not able to edit the core no (e.g. RM 10 TO PQ2625) that appears in final result.



I am assuming that you are doing a LNK-PH design. Unfortunately this spreadsheet seems to have a bug that appears when selecting a "custom" core.

You can change "core type" to custom on many of the spreadsheets. You can then add the "custom core" name to your own core and it will appear on the transformer datasheet. On LNK-PH this is not working properly at this time.

We will be fixing this on the next patch. I am sorry for the inconvenience it caused you.

I tried LNK-CV and LNK-XT, and these also do not allow you to select "custom core."

Also, is there any way to add a core to the data base for PIXls Designer, so that it will appear in the drop down list for future designs, and be selected when I choose "Auto," if it is the best fit?

On PIXLS you can always overwrite the variables AE, LE, AL and BW, in order to use your own custom transformer.

The more recent spreadsheets will allow you also to overwrite the transformer name (select custom), but unfortunately for now the older spreadsheets will keep the name of the old transformer on the datasheet. This will be corrected in the future, but for now, I suggest you export the datasheet of the transformer you create with pixls, and manually change the text next to item 1 on the Materials section of the datasheet.

By the way, the latest version is currently v