heat rise in rdk195

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as per rdr195 thermal rise is shown 76c maximum for open frame. I believe the heat will cross 90c for closed frame.We just want to limit the temp below without using a heat sink. If we use LNK 407 instead of LNK406, is it possible to limit the temperature within 90c?
Also I would like to know during dimming, 90deg conduction angle, is there exist any thermal issue with components in damper or bleeder circuits? Please advice.

Increasing the device size will help you reduce the temp rise, however is not recommended since the Rd195 is already designed in reduced power mode. The device temperatures will increase depending on the total volume of your enclosure and you need to verify that with your final design including the dimming components. If the unit is to be enclosed, I suggest that the unit to be potted with potting material like Sylgard 170 or similar potting compound normally used by lighting manufacturers. This will give you roughly of 15-20C reduction in component temperatures compared to without potting.