help me bulid led driver 9W-12W with LNK460

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Hi  technical support.


i have problem with software simulator led driver PI 9.0.

i design  led driver base on  software after i build it flow 2 file PDF and file Design PI express 9.0.

IC it not run. Ouput not out , i mesuament BP = 5.8V. FB =0V. on OS i cant not see IC run. how to do it.

help me fix design and understand software for design.



Link switch PL 12W.pdf343.78 KB
Link switch PL 12W.uds490.5 KB



Here are some suggestions that hopefully can help you:

1. Make sure that you connect an LED load to the output or the driver will detect OVP.

2. Please disable the OVP circuit D10 just to make sure the OVP circuit is not causing the problem.

3. Please monitor the drain voltage/ current during startup and check if the device is switching or not.

4. Check for open/short connections.