led driver design

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Hi Experts,


I am new for a led driver design ,


i require design for a led driver from  loose cc/cv and  contstant cv/cc.


I download pi expert but can't get actual design as per my parameter.


??>>when was i chose o/p caracteristics as power suppply i get my actual design but...... from as per my knowledge it is not suitable or not accurate for led driver .


please give me guidence for a proper design. 


1>When i design it as per my technical ,which is ic has or ckt  topology  give me acuurate variable cv/cc and tight cc/cv.


2>for variable lose cv which is the lower and higher voltage, how can define? 

Please look for LYT-2 devices for CV/CC operation. You can use PIXLS to help on the design. You can find this tool in one of the folders in PIExpert Suite. However, LYT-2 doesn't power factor correction. You need to add a valley-fill circuit if you need PF. LYT-2 is to be used on flyback topology.


For CC only design, you can choose LNK-PH, LYT-4, or LNK-PL. These have PF, and you can use other topology and higher power.