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Dear Technical support/ Forum


Instead of bringing on market led-lamps with each their specific color, I now have in mind to use RGB leds in 10-12 W high and low line designs.

Triac dimmable and per led-lamp in color switchable and each color in balance output regularly.

Please show me the way to suitable designs.


Best Regards



Define what is your target market, power level, application etc.  From there you can decide what is the LED you are going to use. From the decided lumens, design the LED driver.


We have many reference you can use as LED driver, if I were you, use whatever is available to save your time unless you want a unique specification.  http://www.powerint.com/en/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples



You need some approriate professionals from designing to getting the safety approval.  Build your own team to nail it down from conceptualization to production. One man army will take you much time and you might loose the oppurtunity in the market.





Dear Powi, 


Yes I know that you have thousand of led driver designs.

I already made set-ups with some of them. 

But now I specific ask for RGB led designs.

I know what I want, please show me exsisting designs, from which I can select and if necessary modify by myself.

For sure sometimes with your help, but if possible without the help of professionals.


Best Regards





Pardon me for I was not able to give the direct solution but you start from below: 

For mood ligting (RGB) you can do the following:

Simple solution: easy and cost effective.

>> Combine RGB LED's with the normal LED in series or in parallel in a normal LED driver to the desired mood.  Here you can use our drivers directly.


Sophisticated solution:

>> Contolled by additional DC-DC converter or PWM controller to vary the intensity of the RGB's.  Additional contoller is used to control the mood through iphone or though computers.  Need a wifi, bluetooth interface or DALI communication etc.,. We do not have this solution yet but our other chips like LNK-TN and LNK-II are used as a power supply for the whole system.