Potting of the LED Driver

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We are using LNK 419 and 420 devices from 30W to 75W LED drivers. Some of our customers are asking for Potted LED drivers. Please advise on the following:

a. What Is the recommended Potting compound for these Power levels. Please give the Part no and source and the procedure.

b. What are the precautions to be taken in selection of components or layout? Is any circuit modification required to achieve the same performance as was achieved prior to Potting.

c.Do we increase the size of Heatsinks to account for the Potting Material?We are using presently sheet metal cabinets for the Drivers



1. We dont particularly recommend any brand of potting compound. We have used Sylgard 170 in our lab prototypes which gives better temperature reduction on the LED driver power components. You can search tis potting compound and refer to the datasheet for the procedure on application

2. No special precaution. As long as you follow the correct layout recommendations in the application notes it will be OK.

3.One benefit of potting is reduction of device temperatures. This is due to the improvement of heat transfer between the component and the casing. So when you decide to pot, it is more likely that you will have the chance to eliminate or reduce the size of your heatsinks.


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