LED fashes occasionall

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In my design with LNK457, I have a problem in factory. I have maked the project with PI Expert but in my design wiht PCB the LED flashes occasionall. Input 230V - 50Hz, output 6,6V - 0.4A. Which is the problem? Clamp, FB, please it's very urgent by production.


You can look at autorestart conditions on the datasheet to start. Its difficult  to determine the problem given the limited info you provided. If possible attached the schematic and PIexpert design file.

Thanks, OK, I attach my PCB schematic and PIexpert design file.


Please, it is very urgent.


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Something is wrong with your transformer design. Lp 0f 660uH is too small for your design spec which results to your problem at high line.

I attached a design file using your specs for you to try.