Has the LNK420EG been replaced by the LYT4218

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I'm working on a design and have prototyped transformers a while back but I just finished the board design an am about to order ordered parts. I was using the LNK420EG. It looks like this part been replaced with the LYT4218 for low line appliations? My design is based on RDR-290 and other LNK420 app notes. My design is a low line non-dimming 75W design. Hopefully the transformers will not have to change.

LNK420EG is still available. You can still order this part.
LYTSwitch-4 is the improved version of LNK-PH for better CC regulation,higher switching frequency and disabled the line undervoltage.

Please contact you distributor, LNK-PH is still available.


I like the new part. Will the old transformer work at the different switching frequency? me

Hi Mark,
Yes it will work but the efficiency might drop a little bit. Please use the spreadsheet to verify the concept, key in the values for the TRF and use the latest spreadsheet for the new values of related resistance for feedback.