i need help.

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I designed this source, 6V 12A, I have tried many ways to make it work, but it has not been possible, I have assembled the circuit, like the schematic.


I mounted the transformer several times, but no.


in some occasions give me voltage, but delivers nothing current, 4ohm load, the voltage drops completely.


check the bias voltage and is always 0, not how to measure the transformer is really well built.


attached planes


thank you very much for your help

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1. Check the transformer winding. Are they in the correct phase?

2. It seem like you have selected output capacitors that are rated for 6V. This is a borderline selection. What about the RMS current through the capacitors? Is the output capacitance enough?

3. Are you able to load the power supply? If yes, how much? If not, are you able to regulate at all at no load? 

R:/1. the transformer winding, al bobins is same direccion

R:/2. the capacitor is 6.3V the RMS currente is 7200mA per capacitor

R:/3. power supply, without load, sometimes delivery 5.5V, 3.2V, but only occasionally, when there is voltage, I try to load 4Ohm, and voltage is 0

R:1-> All winding in the same direction? or All windings in the directions as shown by the transformer construction in PIExpert?

R:2-> While it may not be the case, check if the capacitor is damaged.

hi, kenobi

the supply is work, i check all winding and recomendacion of construccion and work, my problem now is the output current, this work perfectly at 3A Load(2ohm), but with load (1ohm), the main output, up and down between 2 and 5V, and the output current is very low

please help me

thank you very much

1. Is the power supply in auto-restart? You can verify this by looking at the switching pattern of the drain current and referring to the datasheet for the timing data.

2. What happens just before you loose regulation? Again, look at the drain current and check if you see any signs of saturation or abnormal behavior.