Cannot get PI Expert

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Please can you send me download link for PI Expert. I try on website but i do not get it, neither into my spam. Also, i cannot use the online version as it says error due to something with 32 bit or something. I already had a reply from Chik Webb saying it maight have been in my spam but it was not there.

Is there any way i can get this software?

I have tried to use the online version of the PI Expert software, and once it let me use it, but every other time, when you put in  the power supply spec, and then click "ok", it then just 'hangs' for ages, saying "loading, please wait", but does nothing.

Doe any reader know of any third party site where I can download the PI Expert software?


I contacted Power Integrations and a guy called Chick Webb replied and told me that they would re-send the download link, but it never arrived. They told me to check the spam, but it wasn't in there.

ok thanks, got the software now.

Good to hear.