Capacitor selection for TNY288PG

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I am designing smps 5v, 1A dual output with TNY288IC. I am facing problem with my smps that it not not providing more than 500ma of current. 

As i read the datasheet of TNY288 that i have to  use bigger capacitor (10Uf/16V at pin no 2 and 7) in my design. But i dnt have it right now. 

Can i use 10uf, 40v electrolite capacitor in that place. 

I dont get ceramic capacitor of that value. Can i use elecrolite capacitor on behalf of that?  If yes than please secify direction of mounting. 

Thanks in advance.



5v_1amp_dual_design.pdf366.21 KB

Can i get my answer over here?


What capacitor do you have on the BP pin right now?

Are you using any capacitor?

Can you send me your PIExpert design file?