How to add planar core to the transformers library ??

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Hello PI experts,

Can some expert assist with adding a particular planar core to the libs? I just need

to add E22/6/16 core as two different transformers: first -two "E" cores "face to face" (EE)

and second - EI core - E half and PLT flat plate. I did add them by inputting numbers from

the data sheet, but PI expert gives me error that the core cannopt be used because of

insuffcient crossection, even though default cores with smaller crossection are fine.

THis means planar one is inputed wrong, but all the numbers seem OK. FInally, there is

no bobbin used for planar cores, windings are done as PCB tracks. But PI expert wants bobbin

information. How to go about that? I *did* successfully design a power supply with this particular

planar core, so I know it is very doable, but wanted more automated way using the PI Expert software.

Please someone from PI - create proper library with just this core please. Many thanks in advance,


You can use an existing core (Maybe an EE16) as a reference to create your new planar core. You will have to associate a bobbin witht the core you have created since PIExpert does not currently support planar cores.