LNK 420 EG Production Status

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I'm using the LNK420EG, but I can't find any information or data sheet on your Web site...

I'd like to know it's current production status, is it still running or on an obsolescence way?

In case you're going to stop it's production can you tell me the Last Time Buy?  

It looks like this part been replaced with the LYT4228EG... 

Is it fully compatible or is there anything to be changed, adapted or suppressed on actual LNK based design?

In case it is, what are the expected improvements on actual LNK based design?  

Awaiting for your answers,

Best regards.




You can find LNK-PH information in the product archive under LED drivers.


It is only recommended for wide-range applications. For low-line only and high-line only designs, please use LYT-4.

LNK-PH is still in production and you can still order samples.